The time or rather the lack of it is a common pain among professionals, especially for THOSE of IC, who often deal with urgent demands of various areas and bias. Rework brings enormous losses to companies, so a well-aligned strategy and tools that facilitate the execution of tasks is essential.

The Worksphere development team focuses heavily on improvements that bring more simplicity and agility to customers' daily lives, and the news preview is an example of this. 

The channel manager can, when publishing a draft of a news story:

  1. View a preview of the post 
  2. [novidade]Share the preview with someone else, generating a downloadable link or PDF. This possibility is fundamental for those situations where we have to share and validate the publications with the requesting area of the content. #ficadica, #ficadica.

Here is more technical information about this functionality.

Managers using Worksphere can also count on a news approval flow. Click here to learn more.

The preview facilitates the review of content and is already displayed with the dimensions similar to that of a smartphone, so that it is as close as possible to reality, avoiding the adjustments and rework that we comment on up there. 

Have you seen how it's worth investing in the right tool for your company's communication?