Digital channels usually go through many updates, with improvements and news, but it's no use if we're not on top of these changes and use them strategically, so:

  • Always stay tuned and open all emails from vendors, usually that's where they share the new features;
  • If you have a good idea, be sure to share it with your supplier. Your pain may be that of other clients;
  • If it is an improvement and / or novelty focused exclusively on the user, in improving his experience with the channel, do not forget to share, after all only so he will know that it is available.

And speaking of "sharing with employees", we made news suggestions, already with the image, for Worksphere customers to communicate their users about the latest platform updates that directly involve them. 

Check out:



News Title | New: it is now possible to mark colleagues here in our APP

THE NAME OF THE CHANNEL, has a very nice novelty: now we can mention our colleagues in the comments of publications, as well as in our social networks. 

To do this, just put an "@" before the person's name and that's it! =)

Oh, as soon as you mention someone, that person will receive a notification. Too much, huh?

Let's start practicing, tag someone in this post so they can also see the news. 



News Title | New: search button in APP NAME

Need to specifically search for a post we made here on the platform? now it's much easier, just use the search button. 

The new button is available in the header, next to our logo and is very simple to use: you click on the magnifying glass, type a keyword and your search results will already appear, indicating all posts related to the word you have placed.

News, events, notifications and more can be displayed! Take the test right now =)




News Title | New: Have you seen the COMPANY NAME image gallery?

Now we have an image gallery here in the APP NAME, that is, a unique location on the platform to leave the important photos of the company, of moments that are worth remembering.

We have already recorded a few clicks there and you can already access the novelty in side menu – Galleries. 

Did you miss the photos of an event or campaign? Leave your suggestion here in the comments and the communication team will evaluate with affection. The gallery is OUR, so we have to build it, TOGETHER 😉