Features that facilitate the day-to-day life of employees are fundamental in corporate communication platforms. If through a tool the employee can, for example, get information more quickly and practically, he will certainly have interest and motivation to access that channel frequently.

That's why we invest so much in worksphere news, so that our customers can provide the best experience for their employees and ensure good results.

Now users can consult a list of company contacts (with the possibility to search and filter contacts), that is, everyone who uses the platform and also their profile, where the photo will be displayed, a brief biography and all the information that is available about it. 

Click here for a more technical breakdown.

With this module, you guarantee:

  • Quick access. Information like the person's corporate email may be there and with a quick search you can find out.
  • Integration. Users can get to know each other better through bio.

With this novelty, it is important that your company encourages people to put or update their profile pictures and bio 😉

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