Today, with the advancement of technology, it is easier to know which agendas /actions interest and engage employees and consequently bring more results to the IC and the business.

Worksphere is a platform that makes this possible. Through analytics and other features, WS customers can identify which posts have had the most adherence, and now with single-news viewing, this mapping is even easier.

Single view will count user access to the post once, without duplicating. That is, the contributor can access more than once the same publication, but a single access will be computed. The main benefits are:

– Actual display numbers

– Measure the effectiveness of the content

Oh, even with this novelty, the old method of evaluation will remain available on the platform, after all it is also important to know how many times users have accessed the same content. And then, it's worth the analysis: Why did they access it so many times? What was relevant about them coming back?

Measuring results is survival… are the indicators that point to the relevance of your area to the company, so it is so important to opt for tools that give you data and help you define the best path and strategy.

Public Superatacados chose Worksphere and with data analysis and good content have achieved great results for the company. Want some tips? Watch below the webinar we recorded with them: