Worksphere seeks to keep up with market trends, bringing innovation and modernity to the platform. A recent update that added this to WS was the new login screen.

The user now enters the username and only then goes to the password field. It sounds like a simple adjustment, but behind there is strategy and details make a difference. The new login screen was developed for two reasons:

01 – This new model is a market standard, most platforms already use it.

02 – Brings more practicality to the user, because when entering the username the system already identifies whether the user is correct and in which profile he should be logged (this specifically for those companies that use MFA for authentication).

Practical platforms that display a modern layout and configurations are also important points that the communication area should take into account when choosing a new channel, as they are factors that also contribute to employee engagement.

Another recent novelty on the platform was the news preview, see here.