We recently announced here on the blog and on social networks the new module (at the time in production) of worksphere quizz, which can function as a self-diagnosis of COVID-19, where the employee fills out a form still at home and the platform indicates if he is able to go to work. Here in this matter, you have more information about the purpose and functionality of the module, which is already available to all customers and companies that have registered to experiment. 

The questions of the forms are not standardized, that is, each company can elaborate as desired. But to make it easier we've already automatically included in your account 2 examples of forms that can be used or even customized by you. Below are some simple directions for configuration and management:

The novelty will serve for other types of forms and quizzes that the company wishes to make, but for this moment of pandemic will be fundamental to save lives "It is a time that companies should promote, even more, a safe environment for employees, avoiding the increase of contagion of the virus, and self-diagnosis is an excellent maneuver for this. We have already joined the form at B2 Mídia a week ago and it was essential to keep at home the employees who presented some kind of risk", commented Franklin Lino, Marketing Director at B2 Mídia.

Have you seen how important it is for your company to ensure the safety of employees as much as possible?! It's worth applying self-diagnosis, so if you haven't registered your company yet to try it out, do it right now:

Fill in the email field with a corporate email. In cases of "free" emails (@gmail, @hotmail, @yahoo, etc.) we will have to confirm, via phone, which company you belong to, postponing the receipt of access credentials.