Communicate goes beyond “speaking well”.

At the workplace, it is essential that a communicator has the mastery of how it transmits information. Clarity, care, and consistency when passing on communications are crucial elements to avoid or decrease communication noises.

It is also important to understand that the same message can be interpreted in different ways among employees and this is one of the problems that many organizations face nowadays.

Internal communication is one of the main strategic tools for improving various internal and external factors, involving the entire chain of employees, suppliers, and customers. Efficient communication is able to unite teams and transform the image of a company, so it is important to be aware of misguided messages, which can have an opposite effect, causing various disorders.

Check out 5 tips to improve your internal communication and make it accessible and efficient:

Keep the frequency:

In a time of crisis, keeping communication with employees is even more important, not letting them forget the organizational culture and the company’s objectives.

Being careful when communicating is always necessary, but given the current scenario talking to employees, especially those who are still working normally, such as health professionals, grocery stores, food chains, and others, even more caution is needed.

Humanization and assertiveness:

It is very important that leaders and managers focus on human relationships between them and employees. This way of communication is fundamental to establish bonds, gain the trust of employees, and change the mindset of teams regarding the importance of IC. Surely your communication will be more valued and you will have fewer conflicts and more clarity.

Ask questions:

Leaving a meeting without taking questions can result in loss of productivity, time, and generate a bigger problem in the future. It is very common that for shame or fear of being misinterpreted, a collaborator does not ask questions, this is the result of a lack of security on the relationship with their leaders, to avoid it always encourage questioning, this is how we make efficient communication.

Use different strategies:

What is the most effective internal means of communication for your company today? Digital wall, E-mail, Corporate Application, Intranet? There is many ways we can help you Different possibilities make the organization accessible to employees and give more options to reach, which is essential in communication.

Invest in frequent meetings:

Sometimes reserving 15 minutes every week to make an alignment meeting and expectations could be the secret to keeping a team productive, focused, and engaged.

Make your meetings productive and relaxed, always showing the collaborator that he is welcome to participate with suggestions and ideas to improve their work.

Did you like it? How about putting these tips into practice in your company? Efficient communication can make a difference in day-to-day work and keep your team with a collaborative culture to seek the best result.