How to keep the communication channel relevant?

A lot is said about employee engagement, but what are we talking about? Engaging has several meanings, but basically it is to participate voluntarily, that is, by arousing the interest of the collaborator, surely he will perform an action, such as like, comment and share and that is where we measure the relevance of the […]

News Preview in Worksphere

The time or rather the lack of it is a common pain among professionals, especially for THOSE of IC, who often deal with urgent demands of various areas and bias. Rework brings enormous losses to companies, so a well-aligned strategy and tools that facilitate the execution of tasks is essential. The Worksphere development team focuses […]

Actions to do via enterprise application

The impacts of coronavirus have not gone unnoticed by the areas of communication and endomarketing of companies. When deploying the home office, organizations had to quickly adapt to new forms of communication and employee engagement, because they understood that in the current circumstances and the strangeness that this change can bring, keeping teams motivated, is […]

News viewing by user

Today, with the advancement of technology, it is easier to know which agendas /actions interest and engage employees and consequently bring more results to the IC and the business. Worksphere is a platform that makes this possible. Through analytics and other features, WS customers can identify which posts have had the most adherence, and now […]

How to have efficient internal communication?

Communicate goes beyond “speaking well”. At the workplace, it is essential that a communicator has the mastery of how it transmits information. Clarity, care, and consistency when passing on communications are crucial elements to avoid or decrease communication noises. It is also important to understand that the same message can be interpreted in different ways […]

Workflow Process in the Worksphere

The workflow is nothing more than a series of steps that happen sequentially, where each professional is responsible for a task. How does this work in Worksphere? The project sponsor can enable a validation step of the content published in the APP. Increased process efficiency and team collaboration are two of the many advantages of […]

The importance of reaching employees

COVID-19 (coronavirus) has caused many companies to opt for remote work as one of the forms of virus prevention. And then the question arises: How will corporate communication reach employees from a distance? The difficulty of reaching was already one of the guidelines cited by internal communication professionals, because in addition to the home office, […]