Building a relationship of trust between internal communication and employees is an ongoing process and in the face of a scenario of complete routine change, many HR, endomarketing and CI professionals have been lost in trying to keep pace with communication. This is because the distance caused the way of relating to be reinvented, such as the traditional endomarketing actions that take place on commemorative dates, had to be rethought so as not to circumvent any of the care and prevention guidelines.

With technology, you can communicate efficiently from a distance and maintain proximity to teams, which is why enterprise applications like Worksphere, for example, have become popular because they reach the employee anywhere. Through such a platform, it is possible to inform quickly and transparently, avoiding noise.

It is important that organizations pay attention to the increase in the level of digital consumption of the population, which was already high since 2016 among Brazilians according to a survey by Cheetah Mobile. Brazil is the country that uses the most smartphone applications in the world. Now with the restrictions of the pandemic, digitization has had considerable growth taking into account that everything has been done by mobile. And why not internal communication?

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Team united.

The application ensures agility and ease in the reach of the employee who is in the home office and through actions and activities on the platform itself, can reconnect the team and cultivate the organizational climate.

Health and productivity.

We commented in another post, that the mental health of the employee is a point that deserves attention and communication can help in this. Your role here is to listen, understand and inform employees about the care they need and how the company can support it in some cases. The goal is to recover performance, take care of the employee and thus ensure that the company as a whole remains productive even in the midst of chaos.

Recognition and feedback.

Now, more than ever it is important to value employees, recognize them for their effort and give feedbacks on their performance, the absence of this type of attitude can be detrimental to the employee who is unmotivated with the current scenario. How about creating a special reconnaissance program for that moment? A ranking with the collaborators who most actively participate in communication? Being creative, everything can be congratulated.

Give voice.

As mentioned above, participating in communication is also important for employees. Reserve a space for them to express themselves. The app is a good option because it gives the opportunity for other contributors to comment and interact with the publications.

We know that in a period of normality communication with employees is an effective way to motivate teams, and that this motivation is responsible for contributing better results to the business. But at the time of pandemic, communication must go further. Start improving your internal communication with the Worksphere app even more, enjoy and try it for free here.