Check out 3 examples of how an internal application can contribute to sustainability.


What can Internal Communication do to help businesses be more sustainable? For starters, the communicator cannot lose sight of the view that sustainability is not restricted to environmental issues, it passes through the social, economic and, finally, environmental fields. Only the practice of the three pillars added together is that it configures a corporate identity that reflects this commitment.

And it's virtually impossible to talk about sustainability without including technology at some stage of this process. Therefore, we understand that an application is the way to offer, in a single tool, enough solutions for Internal Communication to be more sustainable and, with this, give its contribution to the company to take another step towards the seal of more sustainable companies.

We list three characteristics linked to the concept of sustainability, capable of assisting you in this mission. See:

When you use a digital resource to supply routine corporate activities as a whole, from issuing reports, presentations, balance sheets or specifically the IC area to produce notices, campaigns, research, face is already generating savings for the company.  A measure that avoids wasting money with prints (ink and paper). And with that, you can also preserve your area's budget to invest it in more strategic actions.


The replacement of analog processes with more technological and digital tools tends, gradually, to change habits making our practices more conscious and responsible. This change of mentality directly affects the environment, since by adopting virtual solutions we significantly reduce paper consumption, whether for printing books, notebooks, newspapers, or in the administrative activities of companies.  This causes fewer trees to be deforested for pulp production, for example. And the use of paints for the manufacture of these same products, is also reduced avoiding disposalof the packaging in nature that, in general, is plastic and the residue itself in rivers and sewers.


The company that adopts a more conscious attitude towards its daily processes is at the same time educating a portion of the population – its employees – to have equally responsible habits in everyday life for a better future.


Worksphere is an application that makes these goals possible, reaches all your employees – internal and external, and supports all the usual tasks in your area. Campaigns, notices, e-mail marketing, training, newsletter and research, will arrive without difficulty and in real time to all of the company.


And the purpose of using an internal communication APP is not left out. Interaction is a fundamental feature of WS, in addition to viewing publications in the area whether text, image or videos, it allows you to like, comment, share and of course measure results.


Worksphere is a tool capable of meeting the needs of the entire company, not only in the area of Communication. The possibilities of integrations with the company's systems allow managers to generate and access reports and the commercial can track the performance of sales in updated, for example.

Range and inclusion are an easily navigable sea!

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Writing: Paula Alves