How is the engagement of your company's employees with CI actions and channels?

Having an effective IC with good results, is only possible with the participation of employees, this because a disengaged public, shows that the contents do not have the reach and effectiveness expected, so it is important to understand what, and how to increase engagement. This may seem like a difficult task, but this data can be obtained through platforms that allow the measurement of results, internal research and even a "feeling" of the communication area.

Thinking about it, we create a list of stock tips that can give so much right in your company, just use creativity and adapt them so that they make sense for your business and your goals.


Humanization is never too much! Humanized content works in any segment. Show and recognize the people of the company is very important, so do not hesitate to invest time in campaigns like this and remember, EVERYONE should have their space, from leadership to operational. Here are some ideas:

  • Recognition programs;
  • Campaigns to promote hobbies and activities, such as volunteer work;
  • Inner talents.

The idea is that there is always a space in the IC so that employees feel valued and welcomed, and not only for their contribution in the company, but also for other activities they perform outside of work.


Give me a voice! See your collaborators as a good source of ideas, allow them to actively participate in communication channels, giving suggestions, opinions and even developing some agendas, after all, this channel was made for them.  Always encourage this exchange within the company. One suggestion is to create an ombudsman and depending on the budget available, how about creating some rewards to further stimulate participation? Cinema tickets, mini breakfast basket and lunch voucher are affordable options.


Make their day-to-day life easier! If you have a platform like Worksphere, for example, it is very important that in addition to the usual content, employees find some facilities for everyday life, through integrations. This will cause them to access the channel more often. Here are some examples of important information he can find, as well as the news:

– Medical Insurance;
– Bank of Hours;


Escape the conventional! Bring different and fun content to your CI, try to stimulate other interests in employees, advertise activities, courses, events, lectures around the city or near the company. Do not let the channel fall into the routine.


Saw? With small actions, it is possible to achieve the long-dreamed engagement of employees. But, it is worth remembering, that all this must be aligned with the culture and objectives of the company.