Where to Apply

Practical and efficient resources to transform your corporate communication.


All company audiences (commercial, operational, home office) and all affiliates will have access to the platform, no matter where they are.

Franchise networks

Keep standard and official communication with your franchisees and ensure that information reaches everyone. Apply training and integrate the services.


Explore the platform before, during and after the event. Use for inscriptions, polls, synopsis of lectures, videos, debates and more.


Press Releases

Add photos, gifs, videos and pdfs in communications, highlight what is most important and target content by interest groups, units and regions.

Integrations & Services

Through this functionality, Worksphere can integrate the main systems already existing in your company such as the bank of hours, goals, commissions, reimbursements, etc. In this way, make the platform highly important for users, increasing channel engagement.


Record all important dates such as trainings, visits, events and others. The user has the possibility to synchronize the calendar of the platform with the calendar of his device.


With Worksphere, that difficulty of getting your searches and quizzes to the users is on its way! Create forms with open questions, multiple choice, single choice and etc in a simple, quick and easy way. After that, extract and analyze your results instantly.


Apply various trainings to users through pdfs, jpg images, gifs or videos. Know which users have already consumed the content and send notifications if you wish. You can even link a search to this training, thus obtaining a qualitative informational of the absorbed content!


You can send notifications at the time of a new post, or schedule for specific times.

Means of access

You can access all content via app on your smartphone / tablet (iOS and Android) or on your PC, such as Intranet. That is, no matter the medium of access, your audience will be engaged and connected at all times.


Space so that you, the channel administrator, can check the platform indicators, such as views, tastings, comments, heat map with the times of greater access by users, etc. Generate reports and have, in real time, the results of actions taken.

Contact us

A direct channel where users can send their doubts, suggestions and criticisms to the areas which you can define for example: Operations, HR, Commercial, IT and others.

Terms of use

If you wish, you can define that the users only have access and participation in the channel after registration of "I accept" next to the term of use presented to the first login. The content of this term can be adapted by its legal area within the administrative panel.


Practical and efficient resources to transform your corporate communication.



Reservation of resources

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Find out in practice everything we can do for you!

Common questions

Is there a limit of users or contents registered?

The platform itself does not have a limit of users or contents. We follow the limits stipulated in the agreement of services of Worksphere.

What is required to join a service with Worksphere?

Our technical team maintains constant contact along the process of incorporating the service with Worksphere, they are responsible for them. As examples, we have incorporated the app with others web services like XML, JSON and protocol SFTP and authentication made with SAML.

Is it possible to add new functions even after some time of use?

Yes, some upgrades are available for all, others are made on-demand. Worksphere is in constant evolution, we always look for improvement in our functions guaranteeing the best user experience as possible.