COVID-19 (coronavirus) has caused many companies to opt for remote work as one of the forms of virus prevention. And then the question arises: How will corporate communication reach employees from a distance?

The difficulty of reaching was already one of the guidelines cited by internal communication professionals, because in addition to the home office, other work modalities do not require employees to be in person in the company, in addition to organizations that have several branches and units.

Leandro Saltini, Communications and Marketing Manager and Thaís Gouveia, Communication Analyst, both from Public Superatacados, already have experience when it comes to deskless (a term used for employees without a desk, that is, those who are not in the office) and tells us what made them choose a mobile platform as a means of communication with employees.

"Because it was not present everywhere, we could not measure the engagement of employees." explains Leandro. "We also felt that the company's culture was different between headquarters and store, in addition to the noises in the information." completed Thaís.

In Public employees do not have access to the computer, which makes communication between company and employee even more difficult and that is why an application could meet the needs of the supermarket. Thaís had an insight when she noticed that during lunch the employees were all the time fiddling with their phones. "We chose a channel that was already in their day-to-day life, and we realized that bringing the information to the mobile phone was the best way to get everyone's attention."

The Worksphere, besides being a Corporate APP, has the WEB version that brings versatility to the communicator, and at times like this, having such a platform, makes your IC continue to be effective, keeping your employees engaged, motivated and productive even working from home.

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For Thaís and Leandro, the platform brought ease of communication and allowed employees to access various information, from anywhere and without leaving the APP, in addition to the versatility in file sharing. "The issue of interaction is also very important, today we get employees to interact with each other and with the company." says Thaís.

Having aligned teams and engaged employees makes a total difference and brings several benefits to the company, especially when it requires even more collaboration and commitment of all.