A lot is said about employee engagement, but what are we talking about? Engaging has several meanings, but basically it is to participate voluntarily, that is, by arousing the interest of the collaborator, surely he will perform an action, such as like, comment and share and that is where we measure the relevance of the channel, by the engagement of employees.

First of all, it is necessary that the reach comes first, because if the information does not arrive, there is no way to wait for a reaction to return, so be aware if your channel reaches all or large of your staff. It seems a difficult task, but with a few steps, you can walk to a communication that will become part of the daily life of employees naturally, see:

Probably when reading this you thought of leaders who also play a fundamental role in the dissemination of internal communication channels, but how about looking at employees? They can be great allies and strong influencers when it comes to spreading the channels. And why is that? Because employees expect to be represented, a employee has a greater impact than leadership or management in this regard.


Are the contents in accordance with the company's proposal? Are the texts easy to interpret? Are the images quality? The channel is organized, the information is easily found? These questions are fundamental to evaluate your channel and it is through it that you can identify possible flaws that drive employees away. A quality channel has even more credibility with the teams.


To create a routine, it is important to maintain the frequency of updating the channel, because the collaborator will know that on a certain day of the week he finds new content.


As we commented up there, engagement is very important and it is not always easy to achieve it, so always have in your actions and CI communications something that encourages the interaction of employees. Use your creativity to lure them to the platform and generate reactions.


In addition to all these tips, an attitude that can make a difference to those who are deploying a communication platform now is, keep the enthusiasm and believe in the channel always. With a platform like Worksphere, you can always innovate, diversify your content and make your channel more and more dynamic.